Dressing for Hot Weather

If the thought of hot temperatures and baring your skin makes you cringe and want to hide; breath easier. There are several fashion tips that will you keep cool and looking great great.

1. Instead of wearing shorts and T-shirts to beat the heat, wear light dresses and flirty skirts. The best skirts are flared and knee length. Choose them in linen, cotton or rayon. If you have a selection of summer dresses, getting dressed is a snap and you will always look great with little effort. Always wear pumps with knee-length dresses and skirts. The wrong shoes will spoil your look – be careful. Kitten-heeled pumps are a great choice and come in many styles. They are not too high, comfortable and give the leg a longer look.

2. If you are not sure about wearing florals, don’t worry. Add a print bag or use a flower on your lapel as an accent. If you wear prints in dresses or skirts, keep the print in proportion to your figure. A large print will make you appear larger.

3. Buy a few white T-shirts to wear with jeans and choose a finer fabric to wear with suits for a more professional look. When you wear whites pay attention to your undergarments – avoid lacy bras – choose to wear nudes, they will not show under white. White is great with black – mix it up with black or white sandals and a black or white purse or accessorizing with polka dots.

4. Bring out the bright colours. Add fuchsia, yellow and lime green to spice up an outfit. It’s probably better to keep some colours, like lime green away from your face. If you are not sure how the colour will look on you put it near your face and look in the mirror. If it makes you look sick wear it as a bottom or choose the same colour in a lighter shade. Pairing bright colours with white will also be a winning combination. A word of caution when you are matching colours, don’t wear a pink necklace and earrings to match pink shoes. The distance between them is too great and will ruin your look. A pink blouse and pink shoes is better.

5. If you want to wear tank tops and don’t want to go braless (no one should) choose a top with straps that are wide enough to hide a bra strap. Or, try a top that has a built in bra.

10 Hot Fashion Tips That Click

Most women choose to look her best. They want to feel gorgeous. It is her way to boost her aura and confidence. And she can create a lasting impression on people.

Here are few hot fashion ideas that will do wonders on your looks.

1.) Balance your makeup – Wear heavy makeup when required for the occasion. For ordinary days, light makeup is preferred. Just wear light eye shadow and mascara on your eyes, and a bit of lipstick or gloss on your lips. Concealers are suggested to cover blemishes. Finish with compact powder.

2.) Highlight your hair – You can try dyeing with a color that is darker or lighter than your hair. Never lighten your hair with a bad dye job as this will make you look tacky.

Or make fabric flowers as your hair accessory. You can sew or glue tiny handmade flowers on your headband, and wear it anywhere you go. Or sport a ponytail with these fabric flowers. Make it complement your outfit by choosing a color that matches the flowers.

3.) Choosing the right fragrance – There are many scents you can try for your cologne or perfume. Choose milder fragrance that last longer and create a pleasant smell.

4.) Have some gorgeous nails – Try to visit a salon to have your nails done. Have it on the same length. Longer nails work well with polish. When worn out, remove it with acetone.

5.) Skin care – Never ignore your skin especially if it has blemishes. Have a visit to a dermatologist, who can treat your skin problems. Take her advice seriously to restore your normal skin.

6.) A visit to the spa – Sometimes, women need to pamper themselves and try some spa to relax. Body aches are soothed through massage. You can also opt for some facial and foot spa treatments.

7.) Eating the right kinds of food – Going on a diet will starve you for days and make you eat more after. Why not work on a balanced meal that will provide energy and nutrients for a healthier body.

8.) Do regular workouts – There is nothing better than keeping you fit and slim. Regular exercise or workouts help keep this possible. You also strengthen your bones and tone down your muscles.

9.) Wear fashionable apparels – Choose wardrobes that you can mix and match. Prefer outfits that never go out of fashion. Choose undergarments, skirts, blouses, shirts, pants and shoes with style.

10.) Socialize and party – There’s nothing better than spending a great time with family and friends. You can even choose to party to ease out your tensions and enjoy. But keep yourself away from too much alcohol.

Fashion Tips For Men – Two Hot Brands For Winter 2010

The Autumn/Winter season may still be described as being several months away, nevertheless it is by no means too early to begin selecting the following season’s clothing. Nearly all of this year’s fashion shows have come and gone, and the style and design brands have been on top form as usual.

While there are numerous excellent products to pick out of this season, you will discover a couple of brand names that in some way stand predominantly above just about all the other ones, and that definitely took the show across the World. Buying some of these products from the next season’s collection will probably be an almost certain style win and your wardrobe might literally appreciate you for it.

Gabicci Clothing

The first one that truly hits the higher notes is Gabicci Vintage. Gabicci clothing is a long running United Kingdom fashion house that aims to help keep the Old style flame of the ‘Mod’ and ‘Greaser’ styles from the 70s-80s alive and well in contemporary menswear. Gabicci was first established in 1973, managed by 2 good friends in London. Their first expertise was in Italian clothing, consuming enthusiasm from the trends and national styles of the Italian youngsters and golden-agers. The Gabicci culture has grown from strength to strength, increasing the public’s fascination with every single season.

The Gabicci Vintage assortment is an off-shoot from the main Gabicci clothing brand that remembers the brand’s roots. It provides an incredibly strong vibe of the 1970s running throughout the entire range, one which conveys the essence of Gabicci’s beginnings, inspirations and also influences. The Fall Winter 2010 collection is a ideal demonstration of this; not a solitary piece seems to be out of spot; either with the other goods or even with the feel the collection is wanting to recreate.

Although there will be the natural, anticipated but surely welcomed unique flair of Gabicci evident in the collection, such as the two-tone polos as well as the Grandfather Cardigans, in some other ways it also goes beyond these expectations. Even if wearing this can have you feeling like you simply just stepped away from your vespa, you will carry with you the look of a man that understands how to roll his dice anyway he desires. Expect the Gabicci Vintage collection to begin appearing in shops at the end of July or maybe early August – really don’t put it off too long however because they could get snapped up straight away.

Diesel Clothing

The 2nd real attention-grabber of a men’s fashion brand name for Autumn/Winter 2010 is definitely Diesel Men’s Clothing. Diesel is a World renowned brand from the imaginative wonderland of Italy, exactly where it had been started in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. The main creative course had been, and still is, provided by youthful designer Wilbert Das who Rosso recruited immediately right after his graduation.

While Das provides essential route of the Diesel Men’s Clothing range, the really extraordinary styles result from the actual workforce of progressive and exceptional couturiers. Diesel designers aren’t told the things they ought to be creating, or even what they should integrate. They’re offered a empty canvas and free rule in which they’re competent enough to run with, given the maximum possible opportunity to create something genuinely visionary, something which would surpass the Diesel name printed on it.

Because of this design and style technique, and the fairly unusualways in which Men’s Diesel clothing designs are made, you won’t find a season in the brand’s history in which the designs are only following the fads fixed by some other brand names and couturiers. Diesel is a brand about smashing the rules and doing your individual thing, a great ethos that is handed down through Rosso and Das, through the design team before lastly resting upon the shoulders of the people that are finally wearing the clothing.

We’re declaring Diesel is going to be an immense success next new season, due to the fact it keeps on doing so well exactly all the correct things it has carried out within the last two seasons. There is a fantastic new marketing campaign to follow on from the Spring/Summer season’s ‘Be Stupid’ advertising, and the brand new marketing campaign will likely be described as a commendable heir to the (in)famous ‘Global Warming Ready’ range that gained the brand an alluring mixture of superb acclaim along with condemnation.

As with the Gabicci clothing collection, the newest Diesel Men’s clothing collection will also be available from approximately August in most good retailers. Shoppers will be urged to first try Independent merchants, as they often have the exclusive edition, or rarer, items than the big named chain stores. As Gabicci is definitely a local brand to the UK it may be well worth browsing Google.co.uk for ‘Gabicci clothing’ retailers that could possibly mail worldwide in case you are not a United Kingdom resident.

Winter may be chilly, but if you look out for these two brands in the next season you’ll be sure to look hot!